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Empowering Coaches, Athletes, and Teams Through Cutting-Edge Technology

At agdiago, we're a sports technology incubator dedicated to developing solutions that revolutionize athlete performance and team success. We leverage the latest advancements in science, data, and AI to unlock the full potential of athletes and teams at every level of sport.We believe every athlete possesses untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. We're on a mission to provide coaches, teams, and sports organizations with the tools and insights they need to optimize performance, drive player development, and achieve sustainable success.


Athlete Assessment Platform

Our athlete assessment and development platform measures the intangible behavioral factors driving elite performance. Providing coaches with predictive insights and personalized growth plans to transform how teams identify, cultivate, and optimize talent.


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Our Method: From Concept through Impact

We have a clear and focused approach to driving innovation in sports performance. Our process ensures that we create solutions that address the most critical needs of athletes, coaches, and teams while leveraging the latest advancements in science and technology.


We pinpoint the most pressing challenges and opportunities in sports performance, ensuring our solutions tackle real-world problems


We bring together world-class teams of experts across sports science, technology, and data analytics to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration


We create innovative solutions that leverage cutting-edge research and technologies, pushing the boundaries of what's possible


We rigorously test our products and elite sports organizations to ensure their effectiveness and practicality in real-world settings


We make our solutions accessible and actionable for athletes at every level, maximizing our impact on the sports performance landscape

Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

Meet agdiago’s leadership team.

We believe that the convergence of diverse perspectives, expertise, and technologies will shape the future of sports performance. That's why we actively seek partnerships with elite athletes and teams, leading sports organizations, research institutions, and technology providers to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Sports

If you're a coach, athlete, sports executive, or investor, we invite you to join us on our mission to revolutionize sports performance. Contact us to learn more about our portfolio, partnership opportunities, and how you can be a part of the agdiago story.

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Leadership & Advisors

At agdiago, we're led by a team of visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and passionate innovators who are committed to revolutionizing the world of sports performance. With decades of combined experience across sports, technology, and business, our leadership team drives the strategic direction, oversees the development of cutting-edge solutions, and fosters a culture of innovation and excellence.

Mike J. Taylor, Co-founder and CEO

Mike is an accomplished sports industry innovator with over 25 years of experience. He has held executive roles at AgDiago, a company he co-founded, driving team culture identification, right-fit player selection, and a focus on helping teams win more. Mike has worked closely with college and professional football teams and was recently listed as one of ESPN's 11 biggest power brokers shaping the future of college football.


  • Paul Saleh, Co-founder and Advisory Board Member; Financial advisor; CEO, Atos. Paul Saleh combines CFO roles at major companies like Sprint Nextel with board experience, making him a distinguished expert in corporate finance.

  • Al McKellar, VP Coaches Engagement; Coaching relations. With executive roles at Reebok and New Balance and leadership in sports at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Al McKellar brings vast expertise in sports management and coaching relations.

  • Scott Adams, Advisory Board Member; Strategy and auditing. As a global partner at PwC, Scott Adams provides strategic guidance to technology and media firms, driving growth and operational efficiency through expert consultancy in financial and assurance practices.

  • Chris Adams, Advisory Board Member; Operational leadership. Vice President of Fleet at Discount Tire and former President of FinishMaster, Chris Adams has diverse leadership experience across the automotive and rental sectors, contributing to significant business transformations.

  • Daniel L. Knotts, Advisory Board Member; Management and communications. Dan is the former CEO of RR Donnelley, leading a global team delivering marketing and business communications, demonstrating a comprehensive command of corporate leadership and client engagement strategies.

  • Dave Jacobs, Ambassador Director; Coaching and philanthropy. Coach Jacobs brings over 30 years of experience, with an induction into the Illinois High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame. He coordinates the Illinois Coaches Association Shrine All-Star football game, raising funds for Shriner Children’s Hospitals. A frequent speaker and author, Jacobs has contributed to numerous coaching clinics nationwide and penned 18 publications, including "Gridiron Gospel."

  • Grant Teaff, Advisory Board Member; Coaching and sports administration. As the former head coach at Baylor University and Executive Director of the American Football Coaches Association, Grant Teaff has an extensive background in collegiate football coaching and sports management.

  • Kevin Murphy, Advisory Board Member; Sports teams and marketing. As General Manager at Wilson Sporting Goods, Kevin Murphy leads product strategy and global expansion, leveraging partnerships with major sports organizations to enhance the brand’s market presence.

  • RC Slocum, Advisory Board Member; Coaching and leadership. Recognized as the winningest head coach in Texas A&M’s history and a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, RC Slocum brings a profound legacy of coaching success and leadership in sports management.

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